The 2x4's

In the late 1970's, the Boston music scene was molten with lots of bands plying their trade. An energetic and mobile audience filled the clubs nightly to experience groups such as The 2x4's, led by John Hovorka, later known for the Turbines, among other bands. John wrote in an 'industrial' genre, no faux elegance ala Euro industrial-rock, more like a gritty OSHA report. Frequent vacations to Ohio, West Virginia and other rust belt locations fueled his inspiration and reinforced his vision.

Tom Martell, a revelationary bassman craftily countered the melody and lead lines, severely punishing his Rotosounds, dancing and leering like a demon in heat. Tom had industry in a slightly different frame of mind with songs like "Nakkamichi Boogie". Steve Donnelly replaced the original drummer, Michelle (a French expatriate with a freewheeling approach to percussion) and together with Tom created the planetary gear system that defined The 2x4's. Sound, turning on a dime, first time, every time. Cubie, lead guitar, joined the band in its later stages neatly enhancing the songs in an appropriately economical style. The 2x4's lasted until the early 80's when John Hovorka left to begin a new phase in his musical evolution.

Since then, Tom Martel has passed away and Cubie cannot be located. During the life of the band, a lot of recordings were made and though the single "Bridgeport Lathe" b/w "Little Cities" got lots of airplay and sold out in the stores, no other recordings were released. Now, two CDs have been released: a studio album of 15 songs, and a live CD recorded at The Underground in Boston Massachusetts back in 1980.

Written by Rolfe Anderson
with light copy edit by John Hovorka
to bring this up to date


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